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Project Inspire

Project Inspire Study Programme: REFERRALS

Click here to download the Referral Form to nominate a young person for our Project Inspire Wiltshire Skills4Success development programme.

Please also read the accompanying data sharing Terms and Conditions..

You can also find out more from our Project Inspire Leaflet - click here

Project Inspire is a package of provision offered by Youth Action Wiltshire, aimed at supporting young people who are at risk of being 'not in education, employment or training' (NEET) and young people that are NEET to progress. The programme helps young people to address any issues that they may have around employability, such as skill development, health, wellbeing, confidence, motivation and understanding of available pathways for personal and career progression. Young people can gain skills and experience by attending group sessions and with support from staff, identify and address any barriers that are preventing them from progressing and ultimately gaining employment. 

What Type of Provision is Currently Available?

Project Inspire currently offers a 15-week training and development programme called the 'Inspire Study Programme' for young people aged 16-18 that are not in formal education or training. Please click here for more information

Project Inspire also offers a volunteering and reward programme for young people aged 12-16 that are at risk of being NEET.  

How might Project Inspire be useful for you? 

Young People, Parents and Referral Partners

If you or someone you know would like to join a Project Inspire programme, or if you would like more information before taking the next step, please contact a member of the Project Inspire team to find out up-to-date information on what type of provision is available and when. More information regarding the 'Inspire Study Programme' can be found here.

Funding Partners, Referral Partners and Other Individuals Committed to the Development of Project Inspire

Project Inspire has evolved and changed over the years to suit the needs of the young people it aims to support. If you would like to discuss a new funding opportunity for Project Inspire, please contact Steve Crawley, Head of Youth Action Wiltshire. If you would like to join our bi-annual 'working group' to help shape Project Inspire to best suit the needs of Wiltshire's young people, please contact either Sam Hill or Rachel Greig who are the current Inspire Tutor and Support Workers.  

We are extremely grateful to all of the funders and providers that have had, and continue to have, such a valuable input into the success of the programme

Employers, Training Providers and Other Providers of Opportunities for Young People

If you have a learning, development, work experience or employment opportunity that you would like to offer to the participants of Project Inspire, please contact Sam Hill or Rachel Greig who are the current Inspire Tutor and Support Workers.


Page last updated: 14th April 2016


If you wish to take part or want to ask questions about our programmes just give us a ring or send us an email.

Youth Action Wiltshire
Main Office Line: 01380 729813 

Steve Crawley
Head of Youth Action Wiltshire

Sam Hill
Inspire Tutor and Support Worker

Rachel Greig
Inspire Tutor and Support Worker

Thank you to all of our funding and delivery partners’ generous support.

This project is part-financed by the European Union.

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