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Jul 18, 2016

Project Inspire

17 young people who were previously Not In Education Employment Or Training (NEET) have recently completed a challenging programme of practical activities, including embedded Maths and English, adventure sports, volunteering, work experience and class room based learning. Each young person has achieved a range of accredited awards from a menu of; BTEC Units Self-Assessment, Carer Progression, Introduction to Health and Safety, Working In a team, Taking Part in Sport,(each unit achieved is a stand- alone award, on the achievements of 14 Credits young people achieve a BTEC Certificate in Vocational Studies), HsE First Aid, SLUK Day Sports Leaders Award, ASDAN Environmental and Conservation Awards, Functional Skills qualifications Maths and English entry level 2-Level 2.

 Inspire OBF Repair Academy

Throughout the last year over 80% of young people referred to our provision NEET have moved into Education, Employment and Training (EET), young people have left to a wide range of college courses, alternative training programmes, part and full time employment, traineeships and apprenticeships.

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