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May 24, 2016

Inspire Study Programme ‘empowering young people and improving their employability’

Youth Action Wiltshire’s ‘Project Inspire’, has had another action-packed and productive few months. In February, one group of eight young people, aged 16 to 18, successfully completed the 'Inspire Study Programme'.  In March, another cohort of 21 young people began their own 15-week journey towards improved employability. This group is expected to complete in July 2016.

The journey through the Inspire Study Programme is always a challenging and varied one, but one which seeks to address the needs of young people in Wiltshire that are currently not in education, employment or training. In particular, the programme aims to 'up-skill' and empower these young people to improve their current and future employability. Simultaneously, the programme seeks to address any issues related to the young people's employability situation, such as personal, social, health and/or wellbeing related issues. The programme works by offering the learners regular group training, volunteering sessions and development opportunities in combination with one-to-one support and guidance. Successful graduates leave the programme with a variety of qualifications and useful work-based experience.

Whilst the core qualification offered through the programme, a BTEC Entry Level Award in Vocational Studies, is delivered by the course tutors, the programme also benefits from the input of external organisations and providers.  One Project Inspire graduate, described the dynamic range of experiences provided throughout the programme: "When I first signed up for Inspire, I thought it was just going to be in a classroom with worksheets, but we've done loads of team activities and work experience days as well. I was scared of heights before we did the climbing day at Brokerswood, and even though I still feel scared of heights now, I know that I can overcome my anxiety again in future.” The variety of places visited and opportunities offered through external providers can be ‘eye-opening’ for participants of the programme.

To refer a young person/yourself to Project Inspire, or to discuss offering a development opportunity to participants of the programme, please get in touch with one of the Inspire Tutor and Support Workers: 

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